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Having elegant sets of couches are so expensive to have, this means we need to be wise and think of something that should protect our couches or futon from getting hard, discolorations of the fabric, torn off fabrics and from disgusting odor. The best solution for your problem is slipcovers.

Slipcovers in couch or futon are the most important thing that we should include in our budget. It protects the futons from being torn, it maintains cleanliness, prevents bad odor and discoloration of the fabric, especially if you have pets, or babies at home. Sometimes we think that buying a new one is a better solution for dirty, torn, and faded futon fabric. However, think how hard it will be for our pocket, or do we have enough budgets to change the old one into a new one even though the structure of the futon is still well built.

Slipcovers is the economical way to protect, to beautify and elegant of your futon. It is inexpensive and you can choose in a wide selection of designs, colors, and fabrics that will fit to your futon and the total decorations of your home. This means that it can change the total outlook of your home by just having a perfect choice of slip covers for your sofa. You can choose from many outstanding choices. The materials that they use to manufactured slip covers are linen, polyester, wool, and cotton and the price is depends on the size of the furniture, the class of fabric.Slipcovers

The most popular brand of slip covers is the Waverly slipcovers. It is been tested for 80 years. It is perfect in different types of furniture like futons, T-cushion, recliners, dining chairs, ottomans, loveseat, and sofas. There are stretch rib and twill sofa slip covers for casual home. For room essentials slipcovers, you can also choose soft suede slipcover for your sofa, T-cushion sofa, and loveseat. While Cotton Duck can be for long dining chair and wing chair.

Here are some tips that you have to be considering in selecting the slip covers which will help your futon last long, will make your home perfectly classy, and some tips to help you clean and handle it with care.

1. Get the correct size of your furniture, measure it from the outside edge of the arm to one side of the other arm, as well as from across the back seat, and over the back, to the bottom. Pick the right fabric, something that is durable and can stand numerous uses. The most popular fabric and guaranteed heavy-duty is the combination of polyester materials and cotton textile.
2. Consider the types of slipcovers which will be good for different types of season or climate.
3. Make sure that the slip covers are perfectly fitted and well customized with futon for you to become cozy all times. Choose a design and color that will coordinate with the decorations of your home or room. It gives additional harmony and it makes a lot of difference for the total look of the place.
4. Primarily, check the tag that is attached in the slipcovers for the washing directions. Make sure that you will follow those directions, so that the slipcovers will remain in good condition.
5. After taking off the slipcovers from the furniture, make sure that you shake it off, to remove the dust and other foreign materials before putting it in the washing machine.
6. Put an exact amount of the detergent for the average load. Using cold water is best to avoid the discoloration of the fabric. Immediately transfer the slipcovers to the drier after washing.
7. Check the label again if it is advisable for ironing.
8. Place back the slipcovers on your furniture and make sure that all corners are fit and tucked hooked on cushions. Flat out, those remaining crinkles using you hand. You can do the cleaning of the slipcovers once a month.

The newest technology for buying and choosing the perfect slip covers are just over the computer now. You can easily search on the web for today’s most excellent value slipcovers for your home with the guaranteed high quality but with a low cost. It will help you to dress up your furniture with the latest designs. Hurry up! It is time for a change, a new look of your interior decorations.

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