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With the high cost of new furniture, custom made slip covers have become an increasingly popular way of taking that worn couch, sofa, recliner or chair, and making it look brand new again. It may very well be the decorating solution you've been searching for.

Putting a custom made slip covers over your favorite sofa is not difficult to do and is certainly nowhere close to the expense of a new sofa. Custom made slip covers are made just for your particular piece of furniture. You won't have to wonder if it will fit or not.

When you order a cover, you only need to give the measurement of sofa, recliner, etc., and let the maker go from there. In return, you'll get a product that fits over the upholstery perfectly.Custom Made Slip Covers

When you begin your search for custom made slip covers you'll need to pick out your choice of fabric. You will have several choices including cotton, denim, suede, as well as others. Many of these materials can be put in the washing machine and cleaned easily. That's a great convenience, especially with kids in the house.

Revitalizing that sofa, couch or sectional with a sofa slip cover can completely change the dynamics of any room. What was once drab can now be vibrant and full of color with a new cover.

You will have a wide choice of patterns to choose from in addition. One of the better places to get ideas for any pattern is Sure fit slip covers. They have every imaginable pattern and style on their website.

They have covers for sofas, chairs, futons, ottomans and recliners, to name just a few. You can find any style to match up with your current interior decor.

Although a custom made slip cover is not cheap, it is also not cost prohibitive by any means. For less than a couple of hundred dollars you can have your own cover in about three weeks. Believe me, once you get it back you'll be glad you made the decision to do so.

If you are looking for a cheaper slip cover then learn all about discount slip covers!

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Custom Made Slip Covers

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