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Making Your Own Slip Covers

If you're wanting to give your existing furniture a new look then consider adding a slip cover on them. You can even make your own slipcover to add to your old sofa, recliner or dining chair, and liven it up. It's not difficult to do and it's far less expensive than buying new furniture.

If you have even the most basic of sewing skills you can start making your own slip covers for your couch, cushions, etc. If you don't sew yourself you can take your measurements and have a professional sew them for you.

You can find all sorts of books and patterns from any fabric store that will contain all kinds of slipcover projects for any type of furniture that you are making your own slip covers for.Making Your Own Slip covers

Doing a search online may also be helpful, as well as some of the various furniture or sewing magazines. You can look for past issues that may have articles and instructional information on how to make furniture slipcovers.

One of the most important aspects will be selecting the material for your slipcover for when you are making your own slip covers. Do you want cotton, denim, linen, or a host of other materials? If you have children at home you may want to choose a material that cleans easily since there will most likely be spills. You may also want to consider the strength of the fabric as well.

Next, you can take your time and choose the design and color that is perfect for your furniture. Slipcovers will certainly add a brand new look to your homes decor, and making your own is not that difficult once you get started.

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Making Your Own Slip Covers

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Making Your Own Slip Covers

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Making Your Own Slip Covers