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Have you thought about fitting your favorite recliner or Lay-Z-Boy chair with a new recliner slip cover?

Unfortunately in the commercial world of today where corporations make the general decisions about what people want when it comes to furniture, we are limited to a few select styles for each type of furniture design on the market, one of them being a recliner slip cover. This means that just because you enjoy the look and comfort of a particular chair or recliner, it may not come in a fabric or pattern which you enjoy. Because of cost cutting measures by many of the major furniture manufacturers, it seems that this is happening all too often. This is where a recliner slip cover can come into play.

Pieces of furniture made from wood are often only offered with one or two different finishes while home furnishings like sofas, chairs and other seating arrangements may come with anywhere between three and ten different fabric choices. In a world where there are more options to customize your cell phone, it is amazing that there are so few variations for furniture. Nevertheless, there is a solution to this problem with originality – the recliner slip cover.Recliner Slip Cover

Essentially a recliner slip cover gives you all of the best benefits of having your favorite chair totally reupholstered without the high costs associated with such a procedure. For the most part, if you were to take a chair to a professional to have it reupholstered it could easily cost you between five hundred and one thousand dollars. This, of course, does not include the price for the new fabric you would need to have installed, as you would be required to pay for that separately.

However, if you decide to use a slip cover on your chair, you will find that the price is wildly lower, making it affordable to just about anyone. Furthermore, you do not need to be a professional if you choose to make one yourself. All you have to do is simply purchase whatever fabric you are interested in, measure all of the dimensions of your current recliner and simply cut and stitch the pieces of fabric together so the final product looks desirable.

If you have a favorite recliner that you want to keep, but need to liven it up, a recliner slip cover may be your answer.

If your home is going for a brighter style, then look for bright slip covers.

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