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What Is A Slip Cover

Slip covers can make a wonderful addition to any room of the house where you want to give your old furniture a fresh new look.

But, what is a slip cover, it's slip covers that are made to simply go over any piece of furniture, whether it is a sofa, chair, loveseat, dining room chair, etc. Not only will they change the appearance of your rooms decor, but they also protect your furniture from stains and tears.

What is a slip cover, A slip cover is available in a wide array of materials, colors and patterns. You can find them available in cotton, linen, denim, suede and other materials as well.What Is A Slip Cover

Cleaning a slip cover can be as simple as putting it in the washing machine and then letting it air dry.
You can get slip covers that are custom made for your individual furniture or get throw on slip covers that are almost like a blanket you would put over your couch and your cushions.

The biggest reason that people use slip covers is for protection. New furniture can be extremely expensive, so it needs protected. If you have children you already know this. Spills and accidents happen. A slip cover protects your furniture and prevents costly damage. They also protect the upholstery from pets.

You can find slip covers at any of your larger retail stores like Macy's, JC Penney, and many others. Discount slip covers can even be found at Target or Wal-Mart.

If you have older furniture that you would like to change the appearance without buying new pieces or you just want to protect your existing furniture, consider putting on a new slip cover.  You will no longer wonder what is a slip cover.

If you have lots of furniture then you may be interested in furniture slipcovers!

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What Is A Slip Cover

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