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If you're like me and live in a part of the country with four distinct seasons, the long dark days of winter can be tough to get through if you spend a lot of time at home. By changing the look of your interior decor you can turn those drab dreary days around. Here are some helpful tips on how new bright slip covers and other decorating ideas can help. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it can be.

No doubt, cold winter nights can be long, and half the battle is won when you're feeling cozy with warm colors and soft, fluffy fabrics with bright slip covers covering your furniture. When winter arrives this year, get some new bright slip covers to cover your furniture for snuggling. In addition to the new slip covers, such things as a mink blanket, some acrylic blankets, futon slip covers, a fleece blanket, or other luxurious throws are very appealing for wintertime.

When next spring arrives, take the down-filled duvet covers from your bed and substitute a light cotton matalasse cover, or simple cotton blanket. For the spring and summer seasons, the floral arrangements and holiday colors of winter slip covers can be changed for more light and colorful ones. Put away your dark pottery and dark brass containers, and bring out crystal vases and clear-cut glass.Bright Slip Covers

In the summer, a cool look is a great feeling to have, and with a little bit of attention to detail, you can transform the look of your chair and sofa to fit the seasons.

If you have dark-patterned, decorative pillows and slip covers, cover them now with fresh floral prints that are friends of the warmer weather. Change out your pillows even with a second set of decorative covers.
If you have long, flowing draperies, make them so they are reversible to allow you to turn them from neutral to lively as the seasons change. Put out garden magazines and flower books on the coffee table in spring and summer.

This will help to bring the outside in and add color to your interior. Reserve your light colors for spring and summer and as the seasons change, get out some long-lost pieces and make them the center of attention for a while.
Don't try to do everything at once, but take your time. It can't happen overnight. By following some of these tips, you'll be amazed at the difference that bright slip covers can make to your interior's look and feel.

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