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When you hear someone mention plastic slipcovers, does it give you the image of your grandparent's home with the plastic covers on all of the old furniture? I can certainly remember that as a youngster.

As times have changed, plastic slipcovers have as well. Although these slip covers are still used by people on their chairs and sofas, the biggest use for them is on patio furniture.

Plastic slipcovers can increase the life of expensive outdoor furniture many times over. They are available in all sizes and can be found for sale on the Internet.Plastic Slipcovers

I've used these covers on some of my lawn furniture and saved the material from bird droppings and weather elements that would damage furniture left unprotected.

Inside the home I can't recommend using plastic slipcovers. If you have ever sat down on one, then you will know why. You quickly begin to sweat and it drives you nuts after a while.

The solution inside your home is to put on fabric slipcovers made from materials such as cotton, denim, or even polyester. It allows it to breath and will be much more comfortable.

Another issue with plastic as a slipcover is how it sticks to your skin as you try to move around or get up. Not a lot of fun to say the least.

As a low cost option, plastic slipcovers are great for outdoor patio furniture, but using them inside is not. Leaving them as a memory of visiting grandmother's house is good enough for me.

One of the more popular slip covers available are Chaise slip covers.

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